Welcome to the Carleton Campus Card Photo Submission System!

Completing this process lets you choose the photo that will appear on your official Carleton ID, the Campus Card. The photo may also be requested by other departments for official university business.

The benefits of pre-applying for your Campus Card are twofold:

  • You get to choose the photo and signature that get used on your card.
  • Your card will be produced before your arrive. We have a separate, express line for pre-produced cards, so this can save you valuable time during the start of school!
    • The photo submitted may be requested by other departments for official university business
    • By submitting this photo for your student ID you agree this photo may be used by Carleton University
    • Signature files are only used for production of the Campus Card. We do not store signatures once the Campus Card has been produced.
Please contact the Campus Card Office if you have any questions about this policy at 613-520-3547 or campuscard@carleton.ca.

Sound good? Then let’s get started!